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Stop Playing Small

Hiding brings more discomfort and keeps potential clients from finding you! I help my clients make more money and become visible with intuition, alignment, and strategy.

Everything in business is about alignment. If it doesn't feel good something is off. Learn how to clear resistance and sabotage from your mind and business.

Together we can pave the way for you to discern the perfect pricing, messaging, strategy for your business.
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Welcome to Possibility

I'm Melissa Kim Corter. I help heart + soul centered entrepreneurs shift their relationship to money, personal power, and intuition. Hiding and feeling disconnected in business blocks money + opportunities.

I help rewire the brain and body for purpose, prosperity, and possibility. When you get your really get it, your bank account and business will reflect it.

My mission is to make millions, help millions, and give millions. Supporting those who have big visions and are ready to claim the power to create them. Get on the Waitlist

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There are a few ways for us to work together. I take on a limited amount of coaching + mentoring clients each year. Group coaching and classes are available. Join my wait list to be notified of openings.

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Group coaching, powerful tools for mindset, creativity, money, strategy and more! recorded tracks and tools Hypnosis, Yoga Nida, and EFT tracks for my clients. Membership for entrepreneurs: COMING SOON

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