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There's no force more Powerful than a Woman willing to meet her Money story. Are you willing to discover hidden money beliefs?

Making Money Sacred

You're not here to find the ordinary. I work with Extraordinary women just like you.

The patterns and cycles you feel stuck in are here to serve you. They hold wisdom, medicine, and sensory information. You are designed to retreive and harness this guidance. Unfortunately most women settle; living in a perpetual cycle of lack or insecurity. They want more; but unconsciously block themselves from having it. They give power away to fear and the unknown.

Is it time to create a sacred relationship with the unknown? This is where your point of power is. Women who know their power use money, voice, creativity, and buisness as tools to change and heal the world. I help women reclaim power and become the unstoppable force they are here to be.

"A ritual without just a chore"
~ Melissa Kim Corter

About Melissa

The Intuitive Tapping Method™

Melissa utilizes a unique process with each client combining psychology, energy medicine + intuitive practices.

She supports her clients by guiding them to unravel the stories stored within the nervous system to embody prosperity + confidence.

I'd love for you to try this powerful + life changing work

Sample the Intuitive Tapping Method™

Let's normalize accessing potential, Together

How would it feel to...
  • Unwind Core Wounds
  • Actualize Desires
  • Be Led By Intuition
  • Know You Are Enough

Let's bringit into form...

Try Intuitive Tapping

Coffee + Cards Weekly Show

Intuitive Insights, Storytelling, Wisdom + Connection

Join us for my most favorite hour of the week! Fridays at 11:11am (Arizona time) I go live for Coffee + Cards. Bring your favorite mug, and an open mind. We pull oracle cards and everyone gets to receive what they need!

To the Show

Choose your Path

There are a fe ways we can work together

Alignment is the most important ingredient

If it doesn't feel congruent, it is not for you.

We are in a time when intuition IS the most important guiding force....when the outside world confuses action with personal alignment. You are being called to honor your inner guidance.

Join our FREE community of like-minded souls to feel safe to expand and honor your intuition.

Tap into your Soul

Melissa’s Insights + Musings

Wild Woman Market

Magical items for magical women… Check out the Wild Woman Marketplace Take me to the market
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