Marketing Magnetism

Your presence needs to be aligned, authentic, confident and clear or clients and customers may never know you exist. We're inundated with messages. It’s not enough to be online, to have a great message or powerful product.

You need to draw attention and powerfully engage with authenticity, integrity + intention.

Your audience NEEDS you…they can’t find you if you're hiding. 

Imagine powerfully sharing your message with a captive audience and becoming...

  • Become top of mind for people (standing out from the very best stuff)
  • Build trust, connection and engagement with audience and customers
  • Tell stories and make sales from BEING instead of DOING
  • Position yourself as an expert and leader in a heart + soul centered way
  • Get people asking to hear from you
  • Feel confident sharing with authentic vulnerability
  • Bring potent value to your people
  • Share from alignment - no hustling or scarcity mindset

The Energetics of Marketing

  • Authenticity
  • Congruence in Message
  • Imposter Syndrome
  • Your Energetic Signature
  • Copy + Presence
  • Sharing with Vulnerability
  • Visibility

Technical Aspects of Marketing

  • Customer Avatar
  • Facebook Ads Research
  • Google Trends
  • Copywriting
  • Message Delivery
  • Keywords
  • Scaling, Growth + Innovation
  • Tech sessions
  • Mindset, energetic alignment, and personal power in marketing
  • Addressing your identity and the imposter syndrome
  • Tapping into your energetic signature
  • Crafting the customer Journey
  • Understanding magnetism and generating
  • Weekly technology sessions
  • Overcoming fears and obstacles with technology
  • Discussions about Copywriting in Social Media and Email

Marketing Magnetism creates an opportunity for you to address the limiting beliefs and blocks stopping you from showing up and serving. Including technology support, guidance, key strategies and tools, as well as the most important ingredient... alignment.

If it doesn't feel right, it won't appeal to your audience. Discover process and techniques to help you find your message and the method of sharing that feels best AND increases profits and visibility for you!

You'll get:

  • Access to the private online space we will meet the LIVE class
  • Over 26 hours of LIVE and prerecorded lessons and bonus content
  • An integration/implementation week to work on the materials
  • Bonus include various experts (visual storytelling, building relationships, marketing for authors, and more)

Not only will you get 50% off the ENTIRE PROGRAM (Thank COVID for the discount)  you'll also receive the above MAJOR bonuses!

  • LIVE PITCH SESSIONS! During the last week those who pay in full get the opportunity to pitch your product, program, service or offer to us for SOLID feedback and advice.
  • These PITCH SESSIONS include:
    - Us digging into your offer live
    - Action steps you can take immediately
    - Flushing out the price point
    - Aligning with the vibe of the offer
    - Getting clear on the tone and message
WARNING: This is not for people who are not willing to do the mindset work! We will guide you through processes that will challenge you and invite you to grow!

I'm Melissa Kim Corter, a best-selling author, entrepreneur and certified hypnotherapist. I have been an entrepreneur since I was 14 years old, I've created three success businesses on my own, using everything I am sharing here PLUS I'm doing something I have NEVER done before... Bringing on my team and guest experts to co-teach and share marketing secrets!

Over ten hours of bonus content never released before and specifically designed for this program!

Use my best marketing tips and business coaching to:

  • Revamp your Message
  • Learn how to find, use and access keywords
  • Get clear on your vibe
  • Become magnetic, potent, and intentional with your words
  • Build your audience or re-engage with them
  • Get testimonials and raving fans
  • Deliver and wow your people
  • Invoke your inner muse and storyteller
  • Release blocks to: sharing, speaking and selling
  • Be remembered and Stand Out!

        ... and much more!

This course does something others DO NOT:
Bring soul, technology, mindset, and strategy together in real time for you to implement and work through.

The most exciting part about Marketing? A few strategic tweaks and your ideal customers will be excited to buy what you have... often before it is even available to the public! It's called becoming magnetic... let me show you how!