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Stop Playing Small

Hiding and avoidance brings more discomfort; you access potential only when you decide to live instead of survive.

Money is not evil and it is not wrong to want more of it. It is simply a tool and vehicle to bring dreams and goals to life.

The more you have the more you can give.

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Welcome to Possibility

Hi, I'm Melissa Kim Corter. My purpose is to help you discover your relationship to money and power. Being broke does not serve anyone; trust me I've learned the hard way.

I know how to help you rewire your brain and body for purpose and prosperity. When you get your really get it, your bank account will reflect it back to you.

My mission is to make millions, help millions, and give millions. Supporting those who have big visions and are ready to claim the power to create them.

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I have written numerous books and recorded hundreds of Hypnosis, Yoga Nida, and EFT tracks for my clients. Check out my courses, classes, and recordings. This is a great way to get a taste of my work. You can do that here.

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