Melissa Kim Corter
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Authenticity + Visibility

The two ingredients necessary for a successful business in the spiritual and personal development industry. If it isn't real.....people will know and call you out on it. It's time to be real...and be seen. Your individual expression is needed.

You have a gift, something only yours to give, and nobody can do it like you. It is time to release the blocks that keep you from showing up, sharing your light, and being of service to those who need you. 

About your guide for the FREE five day challenge! Melissa Kim Corter is an Author, Speaker, Intuitive Mentor for heart and soul centered entrepreneurs.

Growing up she didn’t understand her spiritual gifts as an Empath and Intuitive. She believed her experiences weren't “normal” and shut them down. She struggled for years until a series of life-threatening events led to change. She began listening to her spirit instead of suppressing it.

Melissa is now a best-selling author and mentor, helping countless people build business with soul.  She helps people shift limiting beliefs to success.

I'll help you access untapped potential within you + your business. 

Melissa Kim Corter
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